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The government has announced important changes to the requirements regarding energy performance certificates (EPCs).

These changes are effective from 9 January 2013.

Two areas are particularly affected:

  • the display of EPCs on particulars
  • adverts and requirements regarding listed buildings and similar.

Late on Wednesday 19 December 2012, the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) provided a set of guidance documents.

Read the new EPC guidance on the DCLG website

Many of these changes have not previously been discussed and RICS have been asking the DCLG for clarification.

The main changes appear to be as follows:

1. It will no longer be necessary to attach the front page of the EPC to particulars. Instead, the actual energy rating (e.g. EPC Rating C) should be shown both on particulars and all adverts (hard copy and electronic). Where space allows, the graph should be shown.

2. An EPC certificate will no longer be required for:

buildings and monuments officially protected as part of a designated environment or because of special architectural or historic merit in so far as compliance with certain energy efficiency requirements would unacceptably alter character or appearance.

Vue Property Services have recently been commissioned to create a stunning marketing package for Chesterton Humberts in central London. This included a fully immersive Virtual Tour, a still high definition photo shoot, and a fully detailed floor plan.

The prestigious £2.5 million property is prime London real estate and required an outstanding job to capture the penthouse apartment in its best light.

After consideration, it was decided that to create maximum impact and truly stand out for the competition, a twilight shoot would be the best option.

The results are spectacular, with views of the city and the London eye, Vue Property Services certainly did it justice.

Click here to view on our tour page! – St George’s Wharf, London 360 Virtual Tour

Vue Property Services – Inventory Services

An accurately constructed, well-detailed report is crucial in today’s lettings market, especially with the introduction of the TDS scheme. A decent inventory protects the landlord, the tenants and the agent. At Vue Property Services we provide highly accurate, fully detailed reports, which include extensive text and high quality digital photographs, giving an accurate record of every property.

  • All reports are returned within 24 hours of the appointment.
  • All of our clerks are employed by Vue Property Services, are fully trained, insured and regularly audited for guaranteed quality.
  • We operate a fully functional back office ordering system where you can instruct, monitor and retrieve reports.

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Inventory Report

The Inventory Report is a full record of the fixtures, fittings and décor of a property.

The construction of the report is made up from a methodical process detailing every aspect of the property, internal and external. High-resolution digital photographs of each room and contents provide a quick and accurate overview, which combined with illustrative text provides an easy and accurate record.

All reports are delivered within 24 hours and are available as a PDF and a printed bound version.

Click here for a sample


Check-In Report

The Check report is carried out on the day the tenancy agreement begins. This report combined with the main Inventory Report is a vital element to any tenancy, and records various elements such as condition, contents, keys and meter readings.

As with the main Inventory Report high resolution photographs are provided to ensure maximum accuracy.

During the Check-In the tenants are walked through the property, noting any issues, and then will be asked to sign for any keys that are passed over, and to confirm they agree with the present report.

A Check-in is a clear report detailing the condition of the property and sets the standard at which the property should be maintained, and returned at the end of the tenancy.

Click here for a sample


Mid-Term Report

The Mid-Term Report is an extremely useful measure to review a properties condition during a tenancy.

Our Mid Term appointments review the overall condition of the property relative to the duration of the tenancy. This allows the landlord and agent to remain fully informed throughout the agreement, and should any decision have to be made in regards to damage, that can be done so in good time before the end of the tenancy.

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Check-Out Report

The Check-Out Report is carried out at the end of the tenancy and is one of the most important stages of the process.

The Check-Out essentially compares the current condition of the property against the recorded condition at the beginning of the tenancy.

Again, at this stage a full report is generated detailing all elements with high-resolution photographs and text to record any changes that may have occurred.

Liability for any changes will be assigned to either the tenants, the landlord’s upkeep, or down to fair wear and tear.

The report also records final meter readings, checks all keys are returned and takes note of tenants forwarding details when possible.

Click here for a sample

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Vue Property Services – Energy Performance Certificates – London, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire

Vue Property Services provide a full EPC service, including property inspection, collection of data, lodgment and issue of the report in PDF format to our customers.

We offer a fast, efficient and cost effective EPC service to all our clients and pride ourselves in efficiency and value, with an average turnaround time of just 24 hours.

EPC’s were made compulsory by government legislation in October 2008 for all houses being sold, built and leased in an attempt to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. They are rated on a scale of A – G, with A as the most energy efficient and G as the least.

It is thought that by making buyers aware as to how energy efficient a property is, better-informed decisions will be able to be made, reducing CO2 emissions and saving you money.

More than 40% of the UK’s CO2 emissions result from choices we make as individuals, with the majority coming from the home.

EPCs are for all our futures and that’s why we go the extra mile to offer the best possible service and energy savings advice.


Floor Plans

In addition to our comprehensive EPC services, Vue Property Services are also pleased to offer a full floor plan service.

Floor plans are an ideal way to quickly and accurately convey relative room sizes and features of a marketed property, and to see at a glance the layout and potential development areas that a property may have.

Vue Property Services can give you the advantage you need by providing you with the highest quality, accurate floor plans at a reasonable price.

Please feel free to contact us for a competitive quote on any of our floor plans and EPC services.

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